The Old Man And The Sea Quotes About The Marlin

Like santiago, he symbolizes grace, courage, devotion, nobility, and perseverance. I opened my eyes to the brightness of the sun.

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He spends a great deal of time considering the.

The old man and the sea quotes about the marlin. Santiago says of the giant marlin. I wish i had the boy.  fish, he said softly, aloud, i’ll stay with you until i am dead. he’ll stay with me too, i suppose, the old man thought and he waited for it to be light.

Since catching the fish, santiago has also not eaten nor experienced fear, so he assumes that since he and the marlin share these experiences, their reactions to the situation match as well. It is not a struggle of strength but rather of endurance, and a refusal to accept defeat. Even a crew of young men would likely have struggled against the great fish so being pitted against a single old man was especially impactful.

The marlin is more than a great fish locked in an evenly balanced and protracted battle with an accomplished fisherman. It is also a creature onto whom santiago projects the same qualities that he possesses, admires, and hopes to pass on: Soon santiago considers whether his killing the fish was a sin.

In this lesson, we will look at quotes. You are killing me, fish, the old man thought. Being old and wise is one of the many themes that hemingway develops in this novel as he compares the marlin and santiago.

Hemingway portrays interesting symbolism between santiago, the old fisherman, and the marlin that he catches. He thought” one of the most moving quotes in the old man and the sea, these lines come while santiago is musing on the state of humankind and its place within the wider world. Yet they are still good.

But you have a right to. Although the old man has lived a long and hard life as a fisherman, his body is still strong. Santiago's struggle with the marlin is a struggle to face and overcome his own weaknesses as much as it is a struggle to subdue the great fish.

He can be destroyed by the marlin being taken away by the sharks because the marlin is not a definite prize and will not always be in his possession. But he had not only killed the marlin for food, you, [santiago], killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman. He has persevered in the struggle to carve out a life despite the harsh elements by his willingness to suffer pain.

In the old man and the sea on pg 103 this quote refers to santiago not being able to be defeated.he can not be defeated because he has already won the fight against the marlin. The marlin in the old man and the sea quotes. Nobility of spirit, greatness in living, faithfulness to one's own identity and ways, endurance, beauty, and dignity.

The marlin in the old man and the sea is a worthy adversary for the old man. Imagine if each day a man must try to kill the moon, he thought. The old man has said that he knows fishermen who are better than himself, but manolin points out that santiago stands alone among fishermen.

Santiago refers to his loyal friend manolin who would have assisted him with his battle against the marlin. All my life the early sun has hurt my eyes. But imagine if a man each day should have to try to kill the sun?

Love of love written by the broken hearted, love of life written by the dead. A quote from the old man and the sea reads: I groaned, feeling the migraine take over.

The marlin in ernest hemingway's ''the old man and the sea'' is an important creature who is described as beautiful, magnificent, and determined by santiago. He first says that he killed the marlin to feed himself and others, and if this is a sin, then everything is a sin. He is now seen as salao , the worst form of unlucky.

“let him think i am more man than i am and i will be so. There are very close ties between the jewish and mormon people. Feel free to add your own analysis or share your favorite quotes from the old man and the sea by clicking “comments” above.

Manolin, a young man whom santiago has trained since childhood, has been forced by his parents to work on a luckier boat. In hemingway’s novel, the old man and the sea, the great marlin symbolizes santiago in many ways.

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