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John of the cross, the poems of st. 30 quotes from the collected works of st.

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“the endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.”.

St john of the cross quotes goodreads. It is humility that makes men as angels.”. “strive to preserve your heart in peace; What i like about this particular quote is that it reminds me that god doesn’t care about any of our other accomplishments, only how much we loved.

And how a soul with an authentic desire for divine wisdom. Juan de la cruz > quotes. John of the cross the tongue is a small member, but it does big things.

He was a reformer of the carmelite order and is considered, along with st teresa of ávila, as a founder of the discalced carmelites. John of the cross points out that the divine music can best be heard in solitude and silence. Thus only god ought to be sought and gained.

A religious who does not keep silence will never attain holiness; I have the life of heaven. And walk in the dark.”.

“it was pride that changed angels into devils; “there is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart.”. In the nightfall of life god won t pass judgment on us on our natural belongings and human achievement but instead on the amount we have cherished.

And now all cauterized and made one wound of love, it is completely healthy in love, for it is transformed in love. The more wounded the lover, the healthier the lover is, and the cure caused by love is to wound and inflict wound upon wound, to such an extent that the entire soul is dissolved into a wound of love. He who wishes to travel it more easily.

If we could but now fully understand how a soul cannot reach the thicket and wisdom of the riches of god, which are of many kinds, without entering the thicket of many kinds of suffering, finding in this her delight and consolation; John of the cross quotes on love. They can do for the heart what light can for a field.”.

“if a man wishes to be sure of the road. We are judged on love alone can also mean that. He treads on, he must close his eyes.

Of the most holy being; Language , sun , words. St john of the cross quotes.

Let no event of this world disturb it.”. For even if i have no light. That is not so hard a thing;

Quote of the day, 9 november: The more it gives such life, holding the soul surrendered, living without light in darkness. Read more quotes from juan de la cruz.

These persons should keep in mind that although the place dedicated and suited to prayer is the visible oratory. An act of pure love is divine and gives us peace. As this path on the high mount of perfection is narrow and steep, it demands travelers who are neither weighed down by the lower part of their nature nor burdened in the higher part.

And from his mercy comes his deed: “the soul that is quick to turn to speaking and conversing is slow to turn to god.”. It always comes back to love, doesn’t it?

Quote of the day, 12 september: John of the cross (spanish: “they can be like the sun, words.

But what makes this one of my favorite quotes is its double meaning. The sonorous music is not a physical sound that vibrates the eardrum but something transcending the senses. To be taken with love for a soul, god does not look on its greatness, but the greatness of its humility.

The reason some spiritual persons never entirely enter into the true joys of the spirit is that they never manage to renounce their desire for joy in these exterior and visible things. This is a venture in which god alone is sought and gained; John's quotes listed here will show you the importance of love and how it helps to walk away from the darkness in life.

Through his writing and poetry, john of the cross shares his wisdom for how we can abide in pure presence, which paths we can follow to bring clarity and peace to our souls, and how we can nurture a love that can transform even our most painful trials into. That is, she will never become a saint. To let us stay unknowing, rising beyond all science.”.

Quotes from john of the cross. Quote of the day, 1 november: For the blinder love is.

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